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Learn all you need to know about tires – and more besides – with this comprehensive tire lexicon from Continental.

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Do you have a specific question about the tires on your car? Or perhaps you're looking to brush up on your general knowledge? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. 

This is the Continental tire knowledge portal where we share with you our advice and recommendations for buying tires, tire care and maintenance, tire changing and fitting, and much more. 

Driving is as much a responsibility as it is a pleasurable activity; we believe that by clearly outlining the best practices and most important points concerning your tires, you will be empowered to drive smarter and drive safer. Are you as curious and as fascinated by tires as we are? Then let us be the first to offer you a warm welcome. Pull up a chair. Take a seat. Here’s the place where you’ll learn the essential facts about tires and tire technology.

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Tire knowledge

Дізнайтеся основні факти про шини та технологію виготовлення шин

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Buying tires

What to know before buying new tires

What to know before buying new tires.

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Tire care and maintenance

Tire care & maintenance

How to take good care of your tires.

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Tire change and fitting

Fitting new tires to your car

At some stage in the life of your vehicle, a tire replacement will be necessary.

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Tire damages and age

Tire damages and age

What to know about tire damage and age.

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Driving situations

Hazardous driving situations and how to handle them

How to handle aquaplaning and other difficult driving situations.

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