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Tire basics

Tire basics

Tire basics

Learn the essential facts about tires and tire technology

What’s a speed rating, for example? What’s a load index? And when fitting new tires for your car, how do you identify the size and the correct inflation pressure? We have the answers to all of these questions and more. Stick around while we explain the miracle of modern engineering that is the everyday radial tire.

Компоненти шин

Tire components

Погляд зсередини на компоненти, з яких зроблені сучасні автомобільні шини

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Склад шин

The rubber hits the road. Continental makes tires with the highest quality materials for optimal driving performance.

Що в ваших шинах?

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Продукція шин

A modern tire is made from many components. Follow the tire manufacturing process step by step.

Шина – як це зроблено

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Типи шин

Know your tire types

Від зимових до літніх. І не тільки.

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Структури протектора

Patterns with a purpose

Структури протектора шин та їх багатоцільове використання

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Розмір шин

There are three things to know when buying new tires for your car: The size, speed rating, and load index.

Вибір правильного розміру шин для вашого автомобіля

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Маркування шини

Markings on the tire sidewall are shorthand for a wealth of information.

Розшифровка маркування на боці шини

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Схвалення шин

Are you allowed to fit any tire to your car if it has the same diameter as the rims? Find out if they have tire approval.

Що таке схвалення шин?

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Широкі шини

Що таке широкі шини?

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Позашляховi шини

Explore off the beaten track

Що таке шини для позашляховика?

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Electric vehicle tires – Everything you need to know

One more difference between petrol propulsion and e-powered cars: tires for electric vehicles

Everything you need to know about the high-tech, sustainable tires that keep electric cars rolling into an emission-free future.

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What is an SUV?

A variety of SUVs lined up with Continental tires

Just as the name suggests, Sports Utility Vehicles offer a whole lot of cargo space for all your sporty and utilitarian needs.

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