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ContiPressureCheck – Портативний пристрій

Програмне забезпечення

  • How to install the Handheld Tool software
  • Handheld Tool software (FW: 7.07, DB: 2.02) (password for ZIP-file: conti)

Report Creator

The Report Creator enables you to create reports for:

  • Installation
  • Test drive
  • Diagnosis (DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
  • Tire pressure monitoring via Handheld Tool

To use the Report Creator, activate the macros before using this tool. A security warning will appear at the top with the text "Some active content is disabled". Then click on "Options ..." and then select "Enable this content". Select your language and refer to Excel sheet "Help"  for instructions on how to use the Report Creator.


  • Homologation overview
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Overview charger certificates